Endemic corruption in NZ

Our experiences are here:



The document above contains comments on our experiences from a large number of experts in NZ and around the world – over 30 professors and doctorates, NZ MPs, psychologists, members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The universal reaction to these NZ atrocities is horror and outrage. One MP in the House of Commons is so incensed that he submitted the above document to a UK parliamentary select committee.


To date no-one has been held to account for these atrocities.


One thought on “Endemic corruption in NZ

  1. I took the trouble to visit your site after I wrote this reply to your comment. You can moderate it any way you see fit. All the best Enochered.

    The UK is riddled with paedophilia from top to bottom. It is the perversion which is the most common and least discussed. Within the normal, run of the mill, incestuous family, it rarely goes any further than the abuse of children in a normal/abnormal sort of fashion. However in the upper echelons of society it is rife. Many of the thousands of children stolen from their parents for dubious reasons, end up in the hands of the folk whom we like to call our democratically elected leaders whom also just happen to be Luciferians. Part of their rituals involve the sacrifice of young children. The involvement in this sort of ritual is the trap which enslaves politicians to their Masonic Masters. That is what really needs exposing. I am sure someone could be found to spill the beans on the SJA “Brown Gang” without too much trouble.
    Sorry Frank. I opened your link after replying to your comment. I had no idea you were referring to such an incident. However it is par for the course. The establishment closes ranks in that sort of situation. I thought you were referring to sort of caper that happened to me and most of my friends as we were growing up, however having read the PDF I realise it was something far more serious and more in line with the experience of Hollie Greig, a young Downs Syndrome child whom was abused, not simply by a gang of scum at the St John’s Ambulance but by a group of High Ranking Police, Judges Solicitors and other members of the Establishment in Scotland, which is a hotbed of perverts and paedophiles. I have been trying to expose the goings on in Scotland for some time now, but it is an impossible task. As with the tale you have brought up in New Zealand, nobody is prepared to take it on. The Hollie Greig affair has involved murder, the imprisonment of the family solicitor and attempts to have the girls mother sectioned. I do not know if you have read my post on P2 and the Speculative Society, but that will give you an idea of how entrenched it is in Scotland. I have no doubt that your Zionist controlled Establishment in Nw Zealand is little different. Remember Queenie still rules in New Zealand.

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